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 The Phoenix Chapter of The Links

An organization of women dedicated to improving the quality of life for humankind through community service. In response to an ever-changing society, The Links, Inc., endeavors to fulfill this vision and extend its reach by working to change lives through friendship, sharing, caring, commitment and concern for our communities and the world. We welcome you to explore our virtual home to learn more about our organization, initiatives, events and members.

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Each and every year members of the Phoenix Chapter of The Links, Inc. provide 1,800 or more hours of service in support of a broad array of local, national and international program initiatives.

Links, Inc. is an organization comprised of women of African heritage who are committed to enriching, sustaining and ensuring the identities, culture and economical survival of all people of African origin through cultural, educational and civic programs. Through our partnerships we promote activism to help bring the positive change that transcends time, race and socioeconomic differences.The cornerstone of our mission of service and cultural enrichment to the community are our five facets.  

As a service organization our goal is to provide support to students in need, to other organizations involved in community development and enrichment and to celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals, groups and organizations who have proven their commitment to worthy causes by their personal involvement and/or financial contributions.

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