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This brightly illustrated board book features the numbers from one to ten in Spanish and English as well as the preparations for a fiesta, in this case a children's party. In the morning, three children set out with "Una canasta / One basket" to visit the local market, where they purchase "Dos trompetas / Two horns," and so on up to "Nueve dulces / Nine candies" and "Diez serpentines / Ten streamers." They use the colored streamers to decorate a pinata, filled with the other nine items. More children arrive and take turns whacking the pinata until it cracks open, the climax of the party. The warm hues, rounded forms, and naive look of the illustrations give this little book great visual appeal, while the details in the market scenes and the activities centered around the party will particularly appeal to young children. The short, dual-language text makes it easy to pick up a few Spanish (or English) words.

¡Fiesta! Ginger Foglesong Guy and Rene King Moreno

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