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This acclaimed "edu-tainment" series offers an active exploration of subject matter from fingertips to lunar trips! Classroom-ready and packed with kid-centered science information and activities, the You Can't… books combine laughing with learning. What's inside your rib cage? Hint: it's not a canary! Why is bumping your humerus totally not funny? Why do football players and carpenters need knee pads? Kids will learn about all 206 of their very own bones - what they look like, where they are, what they do. Actual x-rays of real bones take kids through the skeletal system, inviting them to locate and explore their own bones. Clear explanations (fact-checked and approved by a pediatrician), colorful illustrations, and humorous analogies make for a fresh look at a familiar topic. From head to toe (or from cranium to phalanges), kids will get a skeleton of fascinating bone-formation!

You Can't See Your Bones With Binoculars, Harriet Ziefert

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